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HiFime 9018D USB DAC Low sound on 16 bit 44.1 & delayed start of playing

I just go this DAC and overall I love it. It's very revealing and has a good strong input signal to go into my Lake People G103S Amp. There are a couple of issues I've run into though.

1. When trying to use 16 bit 44.1 sound I get very low sound when using it through Windows Audio Engine for Windows 7 64bit. Also any programs that use that sound engine won't work correctly unless I use a higher bit rate and sample. When I'm using Foobar and passing the Windows Audio Engine it works fine.

2. Hitting play on the first track there is a 2-3 second delay so that you always miss the start of the first song you are playing. 

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 I would like to know why this happens.

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