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T1X4 Amplifier Question(s)


- is there a schematic of the T1X4 amplifier board avialble?

-  can the PWD-Connector be used to power peripherel devices (eg. a freedsp)?

- if yes - how mutch current can be drawn?

- where ist the best place to acces the mute-pin of the TC2050. (i like to control him  via a gpio-pin of the DSP)

best regards,


We have added the schematic here now:

PWD of T1x4 is a 5V logic input or switch connection, it's open drain input with 10kohm resistor pull up to 5V. So it's not output as you thought.

About the mute pins, we already use a reset chip U5 to control, so if you want to use it, remove the U5 is necessary.

Thankyouwell @Hifime - great service!


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