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Raspberry Pi to 4 channel car audio

Hi I'm trying to build a carputer. First task is to replace the functionality of the current OEM headunit which is a Blaupunkt 2020 FWIW. This unit has been reasonably satisfactory from a volume and general functionality viewpoint but it's completely closed to any new inputs beyond AM/FM radio and a single-disc CD player. I've cracked it open and there's next to nothing I can do without schematics and a lot of soldering. So I'm trying the Raspberry Pi route and I've had limited success. Now I'm stuck at the audio stage. I went into a Raspberry Pi option thinking this should be the lesser of my concerns. Turns out the I2S bus on the Pi has only enough bandwidth for 2 channels. The 3.5mm PWM audio has been roundly criticised though the Raspeberry Pi Foundation say they've finally got it to a point of CD quality, which they promised 4 years ago. I've loosely considered a somewhat-freaky HDMI based solution but not much, yet. So I am very glad to have found this site/company. It appears people here are really tinkerers and hackers that know their stuff and HiFime seems willing to look at product ideas that make sense. So I've seen all the various Pi DAC and DAC/Amplifiers and most, if not all, are just 2 channels. Ideally I'd like 4 channels and strictly speaking I've 6 speakers wired into the car as there's two distinct tweeters at the front. I'm in a rush to get this post out there so there's a lot more detail I can go into but essentially, what ideas do people here have for this use case? I'm not too concerned about quality of sound reproduction to an audiophile degree but I would prefer a good solution at the lower end of the market as my budget is minimal. The roughly $30 AUD I2S 2-channel DACs out there, or double that with DACs + amplifier solutions, is quite attractive, if only they were more suitable to a 4-channel setup. One priority is the ability to fade from front speakers to back. Look forward to hearing any ideas, will be much appreciated!
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