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Bluetooth DAC?

I think that HiFiMe should consider making a high-quality Bluetooth DAC with decent reception/range, good codec support (APTX, AAC), Bluetooth 4.0 or better, and Sabre DAC implementation (just straight DAC output only, no headphone amp).

Right now, there are plenty of really low cost, really crappy Bluetooth DACs out there for sending music wirelessly to home or car stereo equipment. Often, these have poor range, lack proper support for the latest Bluetooth specs, and/or have no support for essential codecs like AAC. They also feature poorly implemented no-name DAC chips, or worse, just use whatever crap DAC is built into a cheap SoC.

And there are also some proper Bluetooth DACs, such as the Audoengine B1, that have all of the stuff I listed in the first paragraph plus a properly implemented and good DAC (the AKM 4490 in the B1's case). But these products generally hover around the $170-$190 price point, which is, to put it mildly, ridiculous.

I think that HiFiMe could make a better performing, better sounding product than the B1 and sell it for around half the price.

(Forgive me if you guys make one already; I have not seen it anywhere in the store though.)

Hi, yes this is something we have considered, and might have a look at this again now soon. I'll update this thread with more information.

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This is a really good idea, signed up just to say so. I've been looking for a GOOD desktop amp with either optical or USB capable of 192hKz playback or higher with Bluetooth, and the only ones I can find are like $300 or more. Found this site thinking I could build my own and then found this post.

Currently using the SMSL Q5 (no bluetooth), and have looked at their little Bluetooth amp (don't remember part #) but it only does 48hKz on USB in. If you have any suggestions, either of a premade or the parts I could use to build what I'm looking for, I'd appreciate it. Need it to be in the realm of 50-75W at 8 Ohms, will be used to power a pair of Klipsch RB51-ii's.

He or she who controls CSR chip currently occupies the throne in which matters are relevant. With that said if the world revolves around me and knowing they got the guy who knows the guy. I'll say as long as hifimediy cooperates in the social network and bothers me by denying me from getting what I want, then I have a feeling a special favor or scratch your back kind of get out of jail card would be instore; as Q already participates in this network against me. Assuming not having a great product like a bluetooth dac is the jail cell. But I digress.
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