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Connect uae23hd to a component amp


I would like to connect uae23hd (9018 DAC) to a Yamaha R-S300BL Stereo Receiver to play spotify.

Does anyone see any issues in doing this as I know that this is DAC is primarily a head phones DAC.

Thank you for your time and your help.



thank for your quick reply! 

very helpful.

no, this DAC doesn't have that delay issue.

Thank you for your quick response! :) That is great to know.

One last thing there was some chatter on the support forum in regards to the 9018 DAC having a delay in audio starting.  I was wondering does this DEC have the same issue. 

Thank you fro your time



Hi, there is no issue with this, the DAC can connect to a receiver/line level also. 

It's more of a problem if you do the opposite: connect a DAC that's made for line level to a low impedance headphone.

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