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Optical & USB in -> Analog out (with volume control)

Hi guys!

I seem to have a rather tricky setup and I can't really find an optimal solution so far. 

My speakers are active so I don't have an amp with volume control. My TV only supports optical audio out without volume control either so I need a DAC with optical input and volume control. 

The other thing is, I also want to enable AirPlay support through a RaspberryPi (I got that working already) so my ideal DAC shout also support USB input. Here volume control is not an issue, because of AirPlay. 

Many USB & SPDIF DACs from HifimeDIY (or from elsewhere) only do SPDIF to USB but not to analog. I'm really stuck here, any help is greatly appreciated!



Our new DAC can do exactly that. It has optical SPDIF and USB input and a digital volume control. We are finishing the first units now, should be ready to ship in 2-3 weeks.

Nice to hear that! Can you link me to some product page?

Hey guys, any progress so far? Can I pre-order or something? 


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