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Chipset in Hifime High-Speed USB Isolator


Before purchasing several of your high speed usb isolators, I want to know which chipset is used in this device. Can you enlighten me?

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I'm interested in this as as well.

I had ordered one of these to test, if it can handle my ground loop issues like an Intona Isolator can, which is much more expensive and a bulky device, compared to the one here. Unfortunately the device currently doesn't seem to be able to manufactured for reasons unknown to me. I waited two weeks for some sort of information about how long a delivery would take, but then I decided to cancel the order and monitor the shop for when the device becomes actually available again. It appears as only very few people were ever able to purchase one of these, there's not much information to be found in the web.

Some info, even if it's negative news, would be appreciated from the Hifime guys.

And some technical details about what's being used inside the isolator would also be nice to know!

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