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iPhone 6s stutter with Sabre 9018 USB DAC

Hi all,

Just received my Sabre 9018 USB DAC. So far it's been good with my laptop (tho a little stutter), perfect with my desktop but useless with an iPhone 6s.

I ordered the lightning to USB cable from the Hifime store, the phone sees and uses the DAC but the music stutters every few seconds, rendering it impossible to enjoy the music.

Anyone experience with this, thoughts and hopefully a way to fix it?


Fixed now, for future reference: after some Google-fu I found information regarding the output of the iPhone 6s, which seems to be limited at 5mA. Considering the DAC needs 40-80mA I came to the Apple camera adaptor, which allows you to use USB and charge your phone simultaneously. Though said to be for iPad, I can say it works with the iPhone 6s as well. Finally got it to work flawlessly :)

Hi, good to hear you got it to work. However the numbers are not correct, and this DAC normally works with the lightning cable we sell, without needing any external power. We have seen sometimes issues where it needs to be restarted and/or replugged to get it working. Also in some cases the cheap lightning to USB adaptor doesn't work, but the Apple USB adaptor works (this is the case with our UDA18 DAC).

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