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Sabre 9018 too loud with 16 ohms headphones

Hello, thank you for your wonderful product! I'm using the Sabre 9018 mVersion 1.16 for my 16 ohms in ear monitors. Unfortunately, the Sabre is way too loud. I have to use volumes below 3% with Android, which is kind of uncomfortable. Is there a way to electrically reduce the overall power output? For example by soldering some different resistors on the PCB? I'm thinking of a reduction of about factor 16 (24 dB). Of course, my warranty will be void ;-) Thank you in advance!

Hi Daniel. This is the Sabre 9018 DAC (model uae23hd) correct?

Gain can be reduced by replacing R19, R20, R21 and R22 with smaller value resistors. 780 ohm is used now, you could try something like 470 ohm.

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Thanks for your reply! While rechecking the USB device information, I realized that Amazon Germany sent me the 9023 DAC and not the 9018. There is no mark on the device or the packaging. I will have to return the device to Amazon and hopefully get the 9018. I will write again here, once it is done. Maybe it is better to order the device directly in your shop ;-)

The USB receiver in both DACs are called SA9023, so if you use Linux it will often call it 9023, even though it's the Sabre 9018 DAC. The Sabre 9018 has a red LED on the top, while the ES9023 DAC has a green LED. So please check this first.

Now I'm puzzled. Red led and 9023 on the pcb?
Oh sorry, now I see what you mean. SA9023 is just for USB communication. The small ESS9018K2M is the DAC. Never mind and again sorry!
Now tried 470 and 200 Ohms. Still too loud, but much better than 780. Will try 100 Ohms tomorrow. It works, I'm very happy. Thank you very much for your support!!

Yes, the USB chips are called SA9023, very similar to the ES9023 chip used in the other DAC.

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