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HIFIME SABRE 9018 USB DAC issue with IPhone.

Hello I've just received the HIFIME SABRE 9018 USB DAC. When connected to my iPhone 6 it lights up and plays for about a minute. Then I get the message "this accessory is not supported by this iPhone". The music then continues to play from the phone's speaker. When I disconnect and reconnect the DAC the music sometimes starts to play again for a minute or so before the message reappears... I use the lightning-to-USB cable as hifimediy recommends. Please help. The DAC is useless as is...

I have just tried the DAC with my wife's iPhone 7 with the same problem...

Hi, we heard from another customer that this happened when using the lightning to usb adaptor we sell, after the latest iOS update. 

Do you have access to an original Apple lightning adaptor to try?

No, I don't have an original apple lightning adaptor to try.

A customer confirmed that the DAC works with the original Apple lightning adaptor with 10.3.1 (and not with the one we sell). We will add a warning about this on the lightning adaptor page.

You can return it for a refund.

Which original Apple lightning adapter are you referring to? Can you please post a link?
I can confirm that the original Apple lighting to USB adapter works with the DAC!!! Thanks for helping out... Best regards...

Lennart, thanks for checking and confirming this with your iPhone. Seems like apple don't want third party adaptors, they prefer to sell the expensive one themselves. 

We have added a warning on sales page of the lightning adaptor we sell.

Do sabre 9018 dac works with i pad pro and i phone 7
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