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Hifime Sabre 9018 USB DAC Raspebrry Pi 3 And Volumio i(last version) ssues

 I have a functional Volumio version 2.141 (last available) .

When you start it without the DAC you get normal answer trough the P2 terminal.

If you introduce the DAC above on any of the four USB you have your RPi recognizing that there´s a DAC but it doesn´t recognize it as Hifime. After fiddling with as many possibilities as possible in two fields (none of them identifying  as Hifime *and* the word/serie Sabre or 9018) I´m lost.

Can you point me which h is the right combination to have some kind of life via the DAC?

I bought it directly from Amazon because Volumio is selling the same DAC as compatible. Volumio says it is native supported.

Can someone point me what am I missing?


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You might have better luck at the Volumio forum, as we are not using Linux ourself here at Hifime. One thing is that Linux often reports the DAC with the USB receiver name which is SA9023 (often confused with ES9023). 

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