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Sound microsecond pausing on Nexus 6P


I bought some weeks ago a Sabre 9018 USB DAC model to use with my Android phone and my PC.

I have a Google Nexus 6p in 7.1 version and I have an issue with the DAC. After 10mn about of usage, sound is clipping (microsecond pausing) and I have to disconnect the USB cable and replug it. After this operation, it reworks for 5/10mn and the issue appears again...

I installed today the new Android 8.0 developper preview and the issue is not solved.

Do you note this problem on the Nexus 6P ?

I know that the phenomen don't appear when I use the DAC on my computer. In an other hand, my other DAC (HIFIMEDIY SABRE ANDROID DAC) works like a charm on my Nexus with an adaptator.

Thanks for your help !


Unfortunately this is an issue with Android that started with Android 6.X, it did work normally in Android 5 and the first 6 build. Not all phone brands are affected, we have registered it with Nexus and some Samsung. 

It seems like Google/Android will not fix this for a while, so the best solution is to use another DAC for Nexus and some Samsung phones.

If you recently bought the Sabre 9018 for use with your Android then you can contact us and arrange for a return or exchange.

Thanks for your reply and proposition. So the 6p have the same issue as the 5x for you... 

I really love the sound of this model (Sabre 9018 power !) that I think is better than my Cambridge DACMagic +  (sound more detailed and spacialised) and I think  I will keep it for my computer. Otherwise, do you have an other modele with a 9018 that could be fonctionnal with my Nexus ?

I have created an issue for this bug on the Google issue tracker plateform. If you want to follow it to confirm that it is recurrent and add complementary elements, do not hesitate :)
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