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The device we need

Who would like to see this device?

Quallcomm AptX HD to spdif converter.

AptX low latency is common, but it's not even CD quality. I want to send my CD quality audio files down a wirelsss connection that won't reduce any quality at all. I then want ot choose the DAC I pass it through.


If you look on the AptX HD page, you'll see that there are only a few key devices that support it,

One company made an AptX HD to analog device, but they shot themselves in the foot by not offering spdif out, which is essential to making good use of the 24 bit 48KHz signal.

That same company Inateck, actually make a regular AptX to spdif out, but it they don't combine the AptX HD chipset with optical out! - no AptX HD on this one.

I suggest some small company with an interest in staying sustainable as wireless Hi Res audio comes of age actually make this key, inexpensive product, which would sell well and also help them sell  their main product line as well.... wink wink.


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