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Hifime Sabre 9018 DAC (uae23hd) sound skipping with iPhone 8


I've got Sabre 9018 DAC through Amazon Japan few days ago.

I also bought Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter (A1440) from an Apple retail store. But when I use them with my iPhone 8 (MQ842J/A, iOS 11.0.2), sound skipping frequently occurs. I tried reboot, airplane mode, some player apps (including Apple's Music, ONKYO HF Player, NePLAYER, foobar2000), various codecs (MP3, AAC, FLAC), sample rates (44100 to 192000 Hz) and bit depths (16 and 24). Unfortunately all attempts don't work for me...

It seems that the jumping often occurs when I play loud musics like rocks or symphonies rather than quiet ones like piano solos.

On the other hand, they work well with my iPad (MP2F2J/A, iOS 11.0.2) and Windows 10 laptop running foobar2000. Could you please tell me what could be the answer to this problem?

Was there any update?

Hi, sorry we missed this topic.

I assume you have the real Apple adaptor as it was bought from a Apple store. Unfortunately this DAC model seems to have some issues with some iPhones/iPads depending on model. One thing you can try (even though it's not so convenient) is to connect a USB hub in between the lightning adaptor and the DAC. 

Wow! It is pretty much fixed, still not prefect. I'd like Apple to improve their support to third-parties...

Thank you, anyway. 

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