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ASIO driver is not working on Windows 7 x64.

Where can I find driver for Windows 7 x64?

Hi, we are checking with Savitech the USB chip maker regarding this, will get back to you shortly. 

Windows XP SP3 x32 not working, Windows Server 2008R2 not working.

We identified the issue. Our DAC has a custom PID code that is not identified by the driver. Savitech is making an updated one correcting this, and we hope to have it in a few days. 

I would like to be able to use the ASIO driver with my USB 9018 DAC as it sounds better than WASPI to my ears (smoother, more spacious, more detailed). When the USB is plugged in, sometimes it is recognised as Sabre 9018 and sometimes as Bravo X USB, but there appears to be no pattern to it. I can only use ASIO when it is recognised as Bravo USB. How can I get my computer to always recognise it as as Bravo X USB. Any suggestions welcome!


Here is the updated driver that works with all our Savitech SA9023 based devices.

Brilliant, works perfectly. Many thanks.

It works! Thank you!   (Windows XP SP3)

Предыдущая версия драйверов не работала, так как у изделий HiFiMe свой PID код, а драйвер написан для микросхемы USB Savitech SA9023. Не смотря на правильную микросхему, драйвер видел изделие с другим PID и не работал. Исправили в новом драйвере.

Hi V-max,
Please confirm my understanding of your recent (previous) post here (4 months ago).
Would you be able to successfully drive an UAE23HD under XP (SP3) with the latest, above mentioned Bravo-X ASIO driver (.....20180309_v2p4p0p2)?
Confirming of your shared experience would be much appreciated since myself I would like to use this DAC also on a Windows XP PC. Thanks for replying here.

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