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T2 destroyed my speakers


Yesterday all of a sudden my hifime T2 amp caused an incredible loud pop noise which destroyed 2 chassis of my left loudspeaker. 

Without any input, the left channel outputs an incredibly loud signal. I measured 0V AC on both output channels, but 14V DC on the left (broken) and 0 V DC on the right (no input, volume turned down). I currently don't have dummy output resistors to further measure the output stages.

Does anybody have any ideas where to look for? There are no visual damages on the caps/resistors. I suspect a broken TC2000

@Bahum we'll find a way to solve this. Please contact us directly

My supply voltage ist 27V. The output relays are now turned off (yellow LED off) and the passive cooler is getting very hot when plugging it in (the relay wasn't off yesterday / when I took the measurements if I remember correctly).

Since I'm out of warranty, returning the board to China (from Germany) would be very expensive and not really worth it. Would it be possible to send the board to your UK-Warehouse?

hi, and sorry to hear about this bad experience. 

It seems like the output stage chip STA51X burned. What is your supply voltage, and is the relay currently turned off? 

It's possibly the loud noise that destroyed the speaker rather than the DC. If you return the board to us then we can check the relay.

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