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Spacemouse Wireless Issues


I purchased a new Spacemouse Wireless and am currently running SolidWorks 2017 SP 3.0. I recently started working on an existing file that had a draing associated with it. When I attempt to open the drawing SW crashes.Nothing has changed on my system other then installing your product. I use a Spacepilot Pro at work running the 10.3 software without any issues but my Spacemouse runs 10.4 and now have issues. I'm currently running both PC with Windows 7 64 Bit.Reason I'm here is because I had similar issues with the Spacepilot and had to do a complete reformat and clean install on my work PC to get it to work and now I'm afraid that the Spacemouse Wireless will give me similar headaches. Trying to decide if I should return it for refund or if its defective or if your software is bad again. I'm not too happy with the situations as I have a project deadline this Monday and I'm dead stick with SolidWorks again.I have contacted SW for support and did a complete uninstall and install with no luck. I do get a large screen error from your software. If I roll back to 10.3 might this help?

Please help.

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