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DSD128 playback with UDA38Pro in a player other than foobar2000?

Switching from Foobar2000 to HQ Player really let the UDA38Pro shine, I did not think foobar could be limiting this DAC but it really was. Foobar cant play hi res files properly and even sound quality for 44.1kHz files is not great.

HQ Player's resampler is also amazing, all redbook files are resampled to 352.8kHz now and it sounds so much better with this DAC .The Sox upsampling in Foobar only had negative effects on SQ.

The problem is for DSD128 playback for UDA38Pro outside of foobar.

DSD64 works fine but with DSD128 the files play normally but the sound is so horribly distorted that you cant even recognize the music.

I tested with Jriver player and HQPlayer and both have the same problem, only foobar works.

the BRAVO-HD control panel detects DSD128 is playing for all players but the PCM sample rate indicated is higher for foobar, see the images:

Hoping the issue can solved but its not a big issue, there are not many DSD128 recording but for upsampling DSD64 to DSD128 it is useful.

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Also this is with Windows 7, could there be some limitation there?

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