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HIFIME UAE23HD USB DAC audio quality

I am using the DAC by Linux with a stereo receiver and Bose Soundlink around-ear 2 headphones.

I read in reviews that people have noticed significant audio quality improvement using ASIO driver in Windows. I wonder what does the driver do differently and is there something wrong with the "driverless" function in Windows? How does the quality compare to what you get when using Linux?

In my opinion the sound is better when I use Crystalizer effect in Audacious player or in PulseEffects in Linux. I am not sure, if it is the DAC to blame, though. Maybe it is the attached hifi equipment, or that I just tend to prefer brighter sound.

I set 30% volume level (that is -31.5 dB gain) in computer for headphone use, so I wonder if I loose some resolution the DAC is capable of when comparing to a case where I was using less sensitive headphones and higher volume level? Does it help in theory, if I set default-sample-format to 24 bit instead of 16 bit in Pulseaudio (even with 16 bit per sample files)? 

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Anyway, in most cases the sound is fine without Crystalizer effect, when I connect the DAC to a receiver that has bass and treble knobs.

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