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DAC buzzing/beeping noise


My UAE23HD (a great DAC otherwise) has recently developed an issue where after stopping playback (its also happening during playback, but easier to hear without), a buzzing sort of digital "screeching" noise would occur, and it almost steps between 2 frequencies.

 It is frequency dependent, as when i have tested it with a signal generator, where it would produce the buzzing at a frequency related to the one being played. However it sort of switches between that frequency and the buzzing frequency  back and forth  (they are not playing back at the same time) in almost a random pattern. 

What i have tried to resolve it:

1. Distance it away from any electronics to prevent possible electrical interference.

2. Play directly from the dac without an amp, issue persists but is quieter.

3. Use a different DAC with the amp im using, to eliminate if the amplifier is the cause (issue was gone)

4. Plug it in different usb ports, and finally plugging it in a different computer.

5. Changing output modes (bits/sample rate)

My question is, do you have any suggestions or possible fixes to how i could go about solving it? Best regards

Just an edit, maybe instead of "switching between frequencies" a better description would be that is sort of "jitters" up and down from a certain frequency.


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